Aircon Servicing


The comprehensive aircon servicing program includes the complete checking and servicing of the unit excluding the chemical cleaning.

There are many times that you feel that your aircon is giving you the required cooling. At other times you get a foul smell emanating from the unit. Noise is another complaint customers tell us. There are ahost of other complaints including water leakage and frequent breakdowns.


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There are many aircon service companies in Singapore who will claim to be experts. But the problem is that they will only attend to part of the problem. When your aircon shows a set of complaints like what we mentioned above, you need a comprehensive service.

When our customers come to us with these complaints we know it is time for a complete air conditioning service. As we have our customer’s welfare in our mind we generally advise them to go for the comprehensive aircon servicing.

A faulty aircon does not just drain your money but also damages your health. It can allow impure air and other disease-causing germs to enter your house. As well-wishers of our customers, we cannot allow them to either lose their money or health.

A complete aircon service will take care of all the above problems. It will bring your unit back to full working condition. It will ensure perfect cooling along with function without any breakdowns.

The comprehensive AC service will include the following processes.

• Complete checking of the aircon’s filter and cover
• The filter will be deodorized and checked for bio-pure function
• The indoor cooling coil will be checked and cleaned
• The drainage system will be flushed to remove all dirt
• Suction pressure and discharge pressure of the compressor will be checked
• Checking and lubrication of motor bearing

It may be noted that chemical cleaning is not included in this service plan

We offer a 90-day warranty on the workmanship of all the services and tasks

If you are wondering how you are going to be benefited by getting us to do this program, given below are the advantages you get from this aircon servicing Singapore.

• Better indoor air circulation and healthier air quality
• Reduced power bills due to more efficient functioning of the unit
• Water leakage and other drainage issues will be solved
• There won’t be sudden breakdowns of the unit
• The aircon will get a longer life

You can check the price of our aircon servicing here on our website. We ensure to offer our best services to give utmost satisfaction to our clients. Our services are not just the best, but they are also the cheapest aircon service Singapore can ever offer. Give us a call and we shall give you our best service.