Aircon Chemical Wash


When your aircon doesn’t give its full performance, it is time to think of a complete overhaul and chemical cleaning. An aircon that doesn’t work to its fullest capacity is directly responsible for wasting your money by way of excess power consumption. There is no better time to give your unit the Aircon Chemical Cleaning. The process will bring back your aircon to its normal functioning

The work includes the following

• The Fan coil is completely disassembled
• Drainage is removed, and the electronic control devices are dismantled
• Special chemicals are used to clean the Fan coil and other parts thoroughly
• The drainage system is vacuumed and checked for leaks
• R-22 Refrigerant is recharged up to 10 pressure point per system
• Thermostat and Control Devices are checked for proper functioning and repaired if needed
• The unit is tested for proper working before it is commissioned again

*This is not applicable to systems running on R-410


aircon chemical wash


How do you benefit from this service to your aircon?

• This process will completely remove any water leakage or drainage blocking problems
• This aircon chemical wash will make your aircon perform like new. It will work to its full capacity and cool the
area perfectly
• Your power bills get drastically reduced as the aircon performs well and doesn’t need to run more time
• There is also a reduction of maintenance cost as the unit runs without breakdown for a long period
• When everything is good the unit gets a longer life


We offer a 90-day warranty on all the services done under this cleaning and chemical washing process.

We ensure that your aircon will as good as new after this cleaning service. We recommend you perform this aircon cleaning service at least once in 3 months to keep your unit functioning to its full capacity.