1. What types of air con servicing does your company offer?


Great Aircon specialises in a broad array of air con services, including:

  • General aircon servicing
  • One-off aircon maintenance
  • Annual contract maintenance
  • Chemical cleaning and/or Chemical overhaul
  • Aircon repairs
  • Air con Checks, Troubleshooting and advice on repairs


2. What if I do not opt to undertake regular service of my aircon?

Regularly serviced air-conditions perform at their peak and deliver higher quality air and cooling. When your aircon isn’t maintained at regular intervals:

You will experience extreme discomfort as the unit will not cool properly
Your unit might experience frequent breakdowns, which will be costly to repair
You unit will not perform efficiently, which means it will use more electricity to run, which will add to your
operational expenses
The overall life of the unit will decrease dramatically if not maintained/serviced frequently
Should there be serious damage to your unit due to under or improper servicing, it could void the warranty of the unit
You could experience water leakage due to clogged and blocked drainage systems
The indoor quality of the air on your premises will be extremely poor, resulting in less healthier air circulation
Due to all of these reasons, frequent servicing of your aircon is highly recommended.

3. What warranty is offered for aircon unit?

Generally, residential units carry a 1 year warranty on Spares, and a 5-year warranty on compressors is offered by local agents.

4. Why is regular aircon service required?

Regular usage necessitates regular servicing for every aircon. While you may be able to perform some of that service yourself, like washing the air filter and cleaning the fancoil cover, qualified professionals are needed to provide more advanced service and support for your airconditioner.

5. Why is there water leaking from the aircon?

The indoor fancoil condenses water, and then a drainage pipe discharges that water. You may notice water leakage if the drainage pipe is damaged, clogged or chocked.

6. Why is my AC not cooling the room?

Possible issues may include:

Temperature of the aircon thermostat might be set too high
Windows or doors of the room might be open or not completely closed
Your remote control might not be set to cooling mode
Cool air discharge may be hampered due to dirty fancoil
Compressor may be overheating as a result of a dirty outdoor condenser
Faulty parts might be causing the unit to not perform optimally
Refrigerant levels in the system might be low
The unit might be undersized for the size of room

7. What is the frequency with which the aircon unit should be serviced?

As a general rule, residential units should be serviced at least 3 or 4 times a year, while commercial units require monthly servicing. However, these durations often vary with usage.

8. What use is chemical cleaning for the aircon?

Regular general cleanings can greatly improve an aircon’s functioning. However, periodically a more thorough chemical cleansing is necessary to flush the entire system and dramatically enhance efficiency.

9. Why is there an odour from the aircon?

The cause of bad odours may be as a result of external smells, such as cigarette smoke, cooking odours etc., or other air pollutants that are absorbed by the unit and are being recycled through the air flow from the unit.

10. What are the risks of not servicing my aircon?

If not serviced regularly and properly, the aircon’s life can be dramatically shortened, and often the manufacturers/sellers may also void your warranty. You will also experience improper cooling, and run the risk of water leaks due to clogged/blocked drainage systems.