S.No.No of Aircon UnitsNornal services
One Time ServiceTri-Yearly(3x)Quarterly(4x)
1)1 fan coil unit c/w condenser$40nett
2)2 fan coil unit c/w condenser$60 nett$153 nett$192 nett
3)3 fan coil unit c/w condenser$75 nett$190 nett$240 nett
4)4 fan coil unit c/w condenser$95 nett$242 nett$305 nett
5)5 fan coil unit c/w condenser$115 nett$293 nett$368 nett
6)6 fan coil unit c/w condenser$135 nett$345 nett$432 nett

We Offer You the Right Mix of the Most Accurate Service and Affordable Aircon Servicing Price

What is your perception of a good aircon servicing? A lot of people believe that an ideal aircon cleaning is the right mix of the most accurate service and affordable aircon servicing price. However, in most of the cases, it is either accurate service at a very high price or a very poor service at an affordable price. As a matter of fact, this is stopping a lot of people from actually getting an ac servicing for their aircon. However, we have done an extremely good job over the years and in fact, we have been able to offer users with the right mix of the best aircon service at the most reasonable price. Our air conditioning servicing price in Singapore has helped many aircon users take their first major step towards air conditioning servicing of their aircon.

We Have the Right Knowledge of the Exact Requirement of Our Customers

If you visit our website, you can see our aircon repair price list and you can at once feel the difference yourself. As far as the service is concerned, don’t take our word for it and you can do a little research about what others have to say about our service on both online and offline platforms. After you are fully convinced, you can give us a call anytime and we will do our best for you. The reason we are being able to offer such a brilliant service at such a cheap aircon service price is that we have the right knowledge of the exact requirement of our customers.

We Look Forward To Reaching Out Much More Attention by Offering an Excellent Service at an Affordable Price

Also, we are aware of their purchasing power and this eventually helps us set the pricing in the most meaningful way. Our sole motto is to bring about a massive convenience for the aircon users in Singapore by our service. Also, we want more and more users to avail our services and we achieve this by keeping our aircon repair  price list really affordable for the customers. This has subsequently helped us win many hearts over the years. Most importantly, we never compromise with the quality of our service and this has helped us maintain a brilliant track record so far. We look forward to reaching out much more attention by offering an excellent service at an affordable price.

We Want More Aircon Users to Know the Kind of Expertise We Have In This Field

Although there’s no denying the fact that we have largely proved our excellent expertise in this field over the years, we still want more aircon users to know the kind of expertise we have in this field. Ever since we started, we have taken every aspect of aircon servicing very seriously and pricing is certainly one of the most important aspects. After all, what's the point of developing the most advanced services if we can’t offer you these services at an affordable price?
* For 7 no.s og fan coil unit & above, a seperate quotation shall be issued upon request.

Our Service Cover

  • *Clean & check air filter & cover
  • *Check bio-pure/deodorizing filter
  • *Clean & check indoor cooling coil
  • *Check working condition of condenser.
  • *Flush drainage system
  • *Clean & check cooling coil
  • *Check compressor suction and discharge pressure
  • *Check & lubricate motor bearing (if necessary)

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