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Frequent ask question

1. What type of aircon service do your company provide?

We provide a full range of air con service. The following are the list:

  • Aircon servicing
  • Regular contract maintenance
  • Chemical cleaning/ Chemical overhaul
  • Aircon repair
  • Evaluate and advice


2. Why is the room not cold?

  • Aircon temperature is set too high.
  • windows and doors are opened.
  • remote control is not the cooling mode.
  • indoor fancoil is dirty resulting in weak discharge of cool air
  • outdoor condenser is dirty resulting in overheating of compressor.
  • Parts may be faulty.
  • May not be enough refrigerant in the aircon system.
  • Air conditioner installed is undersized.

3, Why is the aircon smelly?

This could be due to the smell of cigarettes odours or other air pollution being absorbed into the unit and thus discharge with the air flow.

4. Why is the aircon leaking water?

Water condensate in the indoors fancoil and discharge through a drainage pipe. Water will start leak when the drainage pipe is choked /clogged

5. Why does the aircon needs chemical cleaning?

A general service cannot improve the condition, chemical cleaning is necessary. Chemical flush is a very thorough way of cleaning the air conditioner.

6. What is the warranty period for aircon unit?

For residential units the warranty period for the spare part is 1 year and for the compressor is 5 years which is provided by the local agent.

7. How frequent should I Service my aircon unit?

It is good to service residential airconditioner around 3 to 4 times per year and every month for office and commercial units.However, this period will differs according to the amount of usage.

8. What happen if I do not service my aircon?

The life span of the air conditioner will be shortened, coolness decreases with usage and water leaking problem may occur as a result of a choke drainage system. The inefficient operation will then cause the electricity consumption to increase.

9. Why Do I Need Regular Airconditioning Service?

With regular usage all aircons need an airconditioning service. Although, you can clean the fancoil cover and wash the air filter on your own, you will still need qualified and professional airconditioning service and support.

10. What If I Do Not Go For Regular Airconditioning Service?

Airconditioning service is essential for the efficitent use of your aircon and therefore when you do not opt for any airconditioning service the additional expenses is rather huge when there is a breakdown of the system. That would also affect the life span and performance of your airconditioning system.

The coolness decreases with the continual usage of an aircon for many months and years at a stretch. Your aircon may also have water leakage issues because of choke up in the drainage system which will lead to more consumption of electricity in the future. Your aircon will also have frequent mechanical faults that will increase your aircon repair expenditure. A regular airconditioning service is thus highly recommended.